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Arms and the Man MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. Why was Sergius charge successful?

  1. The Serbians had the wrong cartridges
  2. It began to rain
  3. The Serbians were caught by surprise
  4. He drove the Serbians towards the river

2. Why has Sergius resigned his army commission?

  1. He is angry he will never be promoted
  2. He has had an affair
  3. He got too many men killed in the war
  4. He was too good a soldier

3. Why does Bluntschli refuse to leave when Raina tries to kick him out?

  1. He is exhausted
  2. He is in love with Raina
  3. He is angry with Raina
  4. He is starving

4. Whose picture does Raina keep in her room at the start of the play?

  1. Sergiuss
  2. Petkoffs
  3. Bluntschlis
  4. Catherines

5. Who realizes Raina is hiding an enemy soldier?

  1. Catherine
  2. Louka
  3. Nicola
  4. The Russian officer

6. Who is standing on the balcony at the plays opening?

  1. Raina
  2. Louka
  3. Nicola
  4. Catherine

7. Who is Sergius?

  1. Raina husband
  2. Raina fiance
  3. Raina cousin
  4. Raina brother

8. Who expresses dismay about the cruelty of war?

  1. Louka
  2. Raina
  3. Nicola
  4. Catherine

9. Who does Catherine find to help Bluntschli?

  1. Louka
  2. Major Petkoff
  3. Catherine
  4. Nicola

10. Which of the following sits on the top of Rainas chest of drawers?

  1. Paperback novels
  2. Religious pamphlets
  3. A jewelry box
  4. A quilt

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