A Letter to God MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. What did Lencho compare the large raindrops with?

  1. silver coins
  2. pearls
  3. diamonds
  4. new coins

12. What did Lencho hope for?

  1. A good shower of rain for his crop.
  2. A new motorcycle
  3. A tractor
  4. None of the Above

13. What did Lencho think of the post-office employees?

  1. bunch of crooks
  2. rude
  3. unhelpful
  4. proud

14. What did the postmaster do then?

  1. He decided to collect the money and send it to Lencho.
  2. He throw away the letter
  3. He decided to beat Lencho to teach him a lesson.
  4. He gave it to other postmaster

15. What did the postmaster feel on experiencing Lencho receive the letter?

  1. contended
  2. proud
  3. overwhelmed
  4. all of the above

16. What else did the reply demanded apart from goodwill, ink and paper?

  1. lost crop
  2. money
  3. Gods signature
  4. new seeds

17. What is the irony in this lesson?

  1. Lencho was sad after the hailstorm even though he was the one waiting for a shower
  2. Postmaster laughed at Lencho but still helped arrange money for him
  3. Lencho blamed the post office employees who in fact helped him
  4. there is no irony

18. What type of conflict does the chapter highlight?

  1. conflict between nature and humans
  2. conflict among humans
  3. conflict among God and nature
  4. both 1 and 2

19. What was the immediate reaction of the postman on seeing the letter?

  1. laughed whole-heartedly
  2. cried
  3. felt sad about what happened
  4. felt empathetic

20. What was the only hope left in the hearts of Lenchos family?

  1. compensation from government
  2. help from farmers association
  3. help from God
  4. there was no hope left

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