Adolf Hitler MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. What two countries were Germanys main two allies during World War II?

  1. France and the United Kingdom
  2. Russia and Austria
  3. Italy and Japan
  4. China and Spain

12. Where did Hitler write Mein Kampf?

  1. in a cabin in Bavaria4in prison
  2. at home4in a hotel in Munich

13. Which country did Hitlers Germany invade first?

  1. Czechoslovakia
  2. Poland
  3. Austria

14. Which of the following best describes Adolf Hitlers childhood?

  1. He grew up in a happy home
  2. His parents were wealthy and he did well in school
  3. Both his parents and several siblings died while he was still young
  4. He was known as a child genius and a superior athlete

15. Which of the following helped Adolf Hitler to rise to power in Germany?

  1. Poor economic conditions following World War I
  2. The Treaty of Versailles
  3. Loss of land and prestige from losing World War I
  4. All of the above

16. Who was Benito Mussolini to Hitler?

  1. His leading general during World War II
  2. The dictator of Italy who Hitler idolized
  3. His main rival for power in Germany who Hitler had killed
  4. Hitlers friend and fascist leader of Spain

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