Indian Constitution and Politics MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

71. Right to property was deleted by which amendment

  1. 71st
  2. 44th
  3. 42nd
  4. 68th

72. Right to Property was omitted from Part III of the Constitution by the

  1. 42nd amendment
  2. 44th amendment
  3. 86th amendment
  4. 62nd amendment

73. Right to Property was removed from Fundamental Rights by which amendment

  1. 29th
  2. 25th
  3. 44th
  4. 42nd

74. Rights given in the Constitution are called Fundamental Right because

  1. They are natural rights
  2. They cant be suspended
  3. They are a part of the Constitution
  4. They can be enforced and safeguarded by the courts

75. Separate electorate for Muslims were introduced by the Act of

  1. 1919
  2. 1935
  3. 1909
  4. 1947

76. Sine Die is associated with the power of the

  1. President
  2. Speaker
  3. Chief Justice
  4. Prime Minister

77. Starred questions requires

  1. Oral answer
  2. unwritten answer
  3. supplementary question
  4. None of these

78. Subjects in the......................schedule is beyond the scope of Judicial Review

  1. 8th
  2. 9th
  3. 12th
  4. 3rd

79. The Advisory Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court was adopted from the Constitution of

  1. Germany
  2. US
  3. Australia
  4. Canada

80. The age to exercise franchise was reduced from 21 years to 18 years by

  1. 42nd amendment
  2. 44th amendment
  3. 61st amendment
  4. 72nd amendment

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