Indian Constitution and Politics MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

171. The Indian Constitution is an

  1. Enacted one
  2. evolved one
  3. unwritten one
  4. None of these

172. The Indian federal system can be transformed into a unitary system under

  1. Article 368
  2. Article 356
  3. Article 360
  4. Article 352

173. The Indian federal system is largely based on the pattern of

  1. US Federal system
  2. Australian Federal system
  3. Swiss Federal system
  4. Canadian Federal system

174. The interim government proposed under the Cabinet Mission Plan was formed on

  1. 15th August 1946
  2. 2nd September 1946
  3. 26th July 1947
  4. 26th January 1950

175. The list dividing powers between union and states are given in the................schedule

  1. IV
  2. V
  3. VI
  4. VII

176. The makers of the Constitution of India adopted the concept of Judicial Review from

  1. Russia
  2. Germany
  3. US
  4. Australia

177. The members of the Council of Ministers are collectively responsible to

  1. Judiciary
  2. House of the People
  3. Council of States
  4. The President

178. The members of the Council of states in India is elected for a period of

  1. 4 years
  2. 5 years
  3. 6 years
  4. life term

179. The members of the Planning Commission have the status equal to that of

  1. Central cabinet ministers
  2. state ministers
  3. Deputy Ministers
  4. Members of Parliament

180. The Montague Chelmsford Reforms is known as

  1. Government of India Act 1919
  2. Government of India Act 1935
  3. Government of India Act 1909
  4. Government of India Act 1892

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