Cultural Heritage of India Question and Answer

51. Which is known as Tamil Bible

  1. Tholkapiyam
  2. Pathittupath
  3. Silapatigaram
  4. Thirukuaral

52. Which Mughal Emperors tomb was not in India

  1. Akbar
  2. Jahangir
  3. Shajahan
  4. Humayun

53. Which place is known as the gate of ancient India

  1. Mahodayapuram
  2. Muziris
  3. Kozhikode
  4. Quilon

54. Which was the main seaport of Cholas

  1. Kaveripattanam
  2. Muzaris
  3. Korkai
  4. Vanchi

55. Which was the main seaport of Pandyas

  1. Vanchi
  2. Muzaris
  3. Korkai
  4. None of these

56. Who is the Sanskrit Scholar in the court of Chandraguta

  1. Bimbisara
  2. Ariean
  3. Amarsimba
  4. None of these

57. Who built Brihadeshwara Temple

  1. Ashok
  2. Raja Raja I
  3. Rajendra Chola
  4. None of these

58. Who established the city of Pattalyputhra?

  1. Ajatasantru
  2. Ajastru
  3. Bimbisara
  4. None of these

59. Who is the archelogist of Kalibagan

  1. A. Ghosh
  2. T.K Tapper
  3. Y.D Sharma
  4. S.R Roa

60. Who is the archeologist, Harappan Site was discovered

  1. R.D Banarjee
  2. D. R Sanhi
  3. T.K Taper
  4. None of these

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Cultural Heritage of India Question and Answer

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