Nazism in Germany Question and Answer

31. Which was not a feature of Jew stereotypes?

  1. Weak and degenerate
  2. Vermin and rats
  3. Foreign agents
  4. Generous and charitable

32. Who among the following topped the list of undesirables?

  1. Blacks
  2. Jews
  3. Gypsies
  4. Nordic Aryans

33. Who among the following was assigned the responsibility of economic recovery by Hitler?

  1. Goebbels
  2. Hindenburg
  3. Hjalmar Schacht
  4. Adam Smith

34. Who among the given were called November Criminals?

  1. Bolsheviks
  2. Jews
  3. Nazis
  4. Socialists, Catholics and Democrats

35. Who amongst these offered chancellorship to Hitler?

  1. Churchil
  2. Goebbels
  3. Helmuth
  4. Hindenburg

36. Who from the following were not November Criminals?

  1. Socialists
  2. Spartacists
  3. Catholics
  4. Democrats

37. Who was the propaganda minister of Hitler?

  1. Hjalmar Schacht
  2. Hindenburg
  3. Goebbels
  4. Helmuth

38. Who were the desirables?

  1. Nordic German Aryans
  2. Jews
  3. Indo Aryans
  4. Gypsies

39. Why Weimar Republic was called November Criminals?

  1. because they signed armistice agreement and conceded Germany to Allies
  2. because they crushed Spartacists with the help of free Corps
  3. because they misused Article 48
  4. they secured loans from USA

40. World War II began with German invasion of

  1. Poland
  2. Belgium
  3. Austria
  4. Czechoslovakia

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Nazism in Germany Question and Answer

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