Modern Indian History MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. A series of non-violence campaigns of Civil Disobedience Movement were launched by the Indian National Congress under the leadership of……………………

  1. Mohammad Ali Jinnah
  2. Sri Aurabindo
  3. Motilal Nehru
  4. Mahatma Gandhi

62. Direct Action Day hartal called by the ………… on August 16, 1946 to get rid of British slavery and contemplated future caste-Hindu domination.

  1. Muslim League
  2. Congress
  3. CPI
  4. CSP

63. The decision taken in Calcutta Session was supported in the ............. Session of the Congress on December 1920.

  1. Nagpur
  2. Bengal
  3. Andhra
  4. Karnataka

64. Glimpses of world History was written by

  1. Nehru
  2. Gandhiji
  3. Thilak
  4. Ambedkar

65. Who is regarded as the pragmatic social reformer?

  1. Nehru
  2. Thilak
  3. Sree Narayana Guru
  4. Mahathma Gandhi

66. The programs of ............. involved the surrender of titles and offices and resignation from the nominated posts in the government body.

  1. Non-cooperation
  2. Khudai Khidmatgars
  3. Labour movement
  4. Womens movement

67. Police attempted to arrest the secretary of the Khilafat Committee of ............. in Eranad on a charge of having stolen a pistol.

  1. Pokottur
  2. Valluvanad
  3. Mambaram
  4. Payangadi

68. Daridranarayana means:

  1. Poor God
  2. God is poor
  3. Poor as God
  4. none of these

69. Name the important work of V.D. Savarkar

  1. Princess
  2. Politics
  3. Freedom struggle
  4. Hindutva

70. Truth to Gandhi is not an epistemological presupposition but an :

  1. psychological notion
  2. ontological implication
  3. epistemological notion
  4. none of these hical

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