International Organizations MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

41. Which of the following is not permanent member of Security council?

  1. France
  2. China
  3. Germany
  4. United Kingdom

42. Which of the following is not the main organ of the U. N. O. ?

  1. General Assembly
  2. Security Council
  3. Trusteeship Council
  4. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

43. Which of the following is world’s centre for co-operation in the nuclear field?

  1. ILO
  2. IAEA
  3. CTBTO
  4. ICAO

44. Which of the following organisation led the foundation towards the formation of the International society nations?

  1. League of Nations
  2. United Nations
  3. International UN Federation
  4. International Institution

45. Which of the following place is the headquarters of IMF (International Monetary Fund)?

  1. Geneva
  2. Paris
  3. Washington
  4. Hague

46. Which of the following UN agencies focuses on poverty reduction and the improvement of living standards worldwide?

  1. World Bank
  2. IMF
  3. WHO
  4. ILO

47. Which organ of the United Nations has suspended its operations since 1994?

  1. Trusteeship Council
  2. Economic and Social Council
  3. Secretariat
  4. International Court of Justice

48. Which organ of the United Nations Organisation is responsible for coordinating the work of its specialised agencies?

  1. General Assembly
  2. Economic and Social Council
  3. Security Council
  4. Secretariat

49. Which organ of the UNO functions from Peace Palace in The Hague, The Netherlands?

  1. Security Council
  2. General Assembly
  3. Economic and Social Council
  4. International Court of Justice

50. Which organisation is termed as a Child of War?

  1. UNO
  2. League of Nations
  3. SAARC
  4. NATO

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