Polarization of Light MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

51. The Specific rotation is

  1. independent of wavelength
  2. directly proportional to wavelength
  3. inversely proportional to wavelength
  4. inversely proportional to square wavelength

52. The thickness of crystal in an LCD is chosen so that it rotates the plane of vibration of plane polarized light by

  1. 45 degree
  2. 90 degree
  3. 30 degree
  4. 60 degree

53. The waves forming ordinary image are

  1. plane polarised
  2. unpolarised
  3. partially polarised
  4. any of above

54. What happen if the ordinary unpolarised light is passed through a Uniaxial crystal

  1. light is split into two rays
  2. Light remain unaffected
  3. light is split into more than two rays
  4. None of them

55. What happen to O and E rays if they travel along the optic Axis?

  1. Both ray travel with the same velocity
  2. O ray travels faster than E ray
  3. E ray travel faster than O ray
  4. none of these

56. What is the life time of electron in metastable state?

  1. 10-3 sec
  2. 10-5 Sec
  3. 10-8 sec
  4. 10-7 sec

57. What is the wavelength of red light emitted by a helium-neon laser?

  1. 122 nanometers
  2. 633 nanometers
  3. 2.43 nanometers
  4. 1.37 micrometers

58. When a beam of ordinary white light is passed through a Polaroid plate filter, the intensity of the beam that emerges is

  1. Equal to that of the incident beam
  2. About 0.9 that of the incident beam
  3. About one-half that of the incident beam
  4. Practically zero

59. When light travels parallel to the optic axis

  1. double refraction is observed
  2. double refraction is not observed
  3. Path difference between O and E waves
  4. Both B and C.

60. When the light is incident at the polarizing angle which of the following completely polarised

  1. Reflected light
  2. Refracted light
  3. both
  4. neither reflected Nor Refracted

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