Interference and Diffraction MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. The angle of incidence for a wave

  1. can be measured between the incident ray and the normal
  2. can be measured between the incident wave front and the boundary
  3. is equal to the angle of reflection
  4. all of the above

62. The characteristic that distinguishes a laser beam from an ordinary light beam is

  1. The greater frequency of the laser beam
  2. The coherence of the laser beam
  3. The color of the laser beam
  4. The greater polarization of the laser beam

63. The conditions for the production of constructive and destructive interference are reversed due to the fact that on striking the thin film

  1. Two rays of splitted light undergo phase change of 180 degree
  2. One of two rays of splitted light undergo phase change of 180 degree
  3. Light is diffracted, light is polarized

64. The critical angle for a beam of light passing from water into air is 48.8 degree. This means that all light rays with an angle of incidence greater than this angle will be

  1. absorbed
  2. totally reflected
  3. Partially reflected and partially transmitted
  4. Totally transmitted

65. The dark lines constituting the absorption spectrum exhibited by sunlight are frequently called

  1. Fresnel lines
  2. Fraunhofer lines
  3. Fermi lines
  4. Franklin lines

66. The diffraction observed by diffraction grating can also be termed as

  1. Single slit diffraction
  2. double slit Diffraction
  3. multiple Slit Diffraction
  4. Fresnels Diffraction

67. The first reflecting telescope was built by

  1. Galileo
  2. Copernicus
  3. Tyco Brahe
  4. Isaac Newton

68. The grating used to observe, diffraction of visible light can have approximately

  1. 300 lines per cm
  2. 3000 lines per cm
  3. 15000 lines per cm
  4. 30 lines per cm

69. The interference in thin films is because

  1. The film reflects some light
  2. The film is thin enough so that refracted ray is close to reflected ray
  3. All of above

70. The number of lines on plane gratings is 5000. If it is illuminated by a wavelength of light 6000 Ao, how many orders will be visible?

  1. 3
  2. 3.33
  3. 4
  4. 2

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