Water Cycle MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. How much of Earths water is fresh water that people and animals can drink?

  1. 1- 1.5%
  2. 1-2%
  3. 71%
  4. 97%

12. Because water can dissolve many things, it is called

  1. the great dissolver
  2. the universal solvent
  3. the biggest loser
  4. the winner

13. Because water continuously changes states from solid, liquid, and gas

  1. We have the water cycle
  2. We have oceans that are salty
  3. We have rivers and lakes
  4. We have different temperatures

14. Precipitation is another word for

  1. breathing
  2. ice melting
  3. rain and snow
  4. plants giving off water

15. The water cycle also has another name. What is it?

  1. the nitrogen cycle
  2. the carbon cycle
  3. the hydrologic cycle
  4. the moon cycle

16. The water cycle always starts in the

  1. oceans
  2. clouds
  3. plants and animals
  4. It has no starting place or ending place

17. The water cycle is driven by the

  1. sun
  2. moon
  3. clouds
  4. oceans

18. Water is

  1. a chemical compound
  2. constantly moving
  3. sometimes a solid, liquid, or a gas
  4. all of the above

19. Waters chemical symbol is

  1. N
  2. O2
  3. H2O
  4. Wa

20. What are the three states of matter that water can exist in on Earth?

  1. solid, gas, and plasma
  2. solid, liquid, and gas
  3. Bose-Einstein condensate, plasma, and liquid
  4. liquid, solid, and frozen

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