Sound Wave Question and Answer

11. Which of the following quantities is transferred during wave propagation?

  1. speed
  2. mass
  3. energy
  4. matter

12. A sound wave is produced when an object

  1. accelerates
  2. decelerates
  3. vibrates
  4. remains stationary

13. The wavelength of a wave is measured in

  1. metres
  2. hertz
  3. seconds
  4. decibels

14. An echo occurs when a sound wave is

  1. absorbed
  2. transmitted
  3. refracted
  4. reflected

15. Another name for the unit Hertz is

  1. cycles per second
  2. seconds per cycle
  3. metres per second
  4. decibels

16. Sound travels fastest in

  1. a vacuum
  2. the sea
  3. the atmosphere
  4. a broom stick

17. Which of the following does not describe a sound wave?

  1. transverse wave
  2. longitudinal wave
  3. compression wave
  4. push-pull wave

18. An animal that can hear sound frequencies higher than a human child is

  1. a human adult
  2. a cod fish
  3. a bat
  4. an eagle

19. Hitting a drum harder makes the sound

  1. higher
  2. lower
  3. louder
  4. softer

20. The part of the ear that responds to sound waves like a microphones diaphragm is the

  1. lobe
  2. eardrum
  3. bones of the middle ear
  4. fluid in the inner ear

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Sound Wave Question and Answer

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