Nuclear Physics MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Which of the following about the nuclear force is true?

  1. It is an attractive force between electrons and protons in an atom.
  2. It is an attractive force between electrons and neutrons in an atom.
  3. It is much weaker than the electromagnetic force.
  4. It is a strong, short-range, attractive force between the nucleons.

22. Which of the following is correct for the number of neutrons in the nucleus?

  1. N = A –Z
  2. N = Z – A
  3. N = Z +A
  4. N = Z

23. Which of the following is the Beta particle?

  1. 0e+1
  2. 0e-1
  3. 1n0
  4. 1H1

24. Which of the following is the Beta-particle?

  1. 0e+1
  2. 0e-1
  3. 1n0
  4. 1H1

25. Which of the following particles has the smallest mass?

  1. Proton
  2. Electron
  3. Neutron
  4. Nucleus

26. Which of the following statements about the mass of an atom is true?

  1. It is evenly divided between the protons and the orbiting electrons.
  2. It is evenly divided between the nucleons and the orbiting electrons.
  3. It is concentrated in the electron cloud.
  4. It is concentrated in the nucleus.

27. Which type of radiation is stopped by a sheet of paper?

  1. alpha particle
  2. beta particle
  3. Gamma ray
  4. X-ray

28. Why are nuclear energy levels more complex than electron energy levels?

  1. Nuclear energy levels depend only on attractive forces.
  2. Nuclear energy levels depend on attractive and repulsive forces.
  3. Nuclear energy levels are an order of one hundred times as great as electron energy levels.
  4. Electron energy levels depend on the interaction between neutrons and electrons.

29. Why do heavier nuclei have a greater ratio of neutrons to protons than lighter nuclei?

  1. to add more nucleons so that the binding energy is greater.
  2. to provide a greater weak nuclear force.
  3. to provide more attractive electromagnetic force.
  4. to provide more attractive strong nuclear force to balance the repulsive electromagnetic force.

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