Metals and Non-metals MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

51. Extraction of copper is done from copper pyrite which contai small quantity of

  1. Zinc
  2. Iron
  3. Sodium
  4. Carbon

52. The alloy in which copper is a component is

  1. Bronze
  2. Steel
  3. Solder
  4. Nichrome

53. Copper and tin are components of

  1. Brass
  2. Invar
  3. Bell metal
  4. Alnico

54. The alloy which contains aluminum is

  1. Nichrome
  2. Type metal
  3. Duralium
  4. Gunmetal

55. Aluminum bronze is made up of

  1. Al, Cu, Mn
  2. Fe, Al, Ni
  3. Al, Cu, Ni
  4. Al, Cu

56. An alloy of Al and Mg is

  1. Duralumin
  2. T – metal
  3. Alnico
  4. Magnalium

57. Which of the following is not a property of aluminum?

  1. Good conductor of heat and electricity
  2. It is malleable
  3. It is heavy
  4. It is ductile

58. The metal which is soft?

  1. Na
  2. Pb
  3. Al
  4. Cu

59. The metal with the lowest density from the following is

  1. Mg
  2. Li
  3. Ag
  4. Au

60. The metal which is liquid at room temperature is

  1. Hg
  2. Mg
  3. Ag
  4. Mn

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