Measurement and Instrumentation MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

81. The ratio of maximum displacement deviation to full scale deviation of the instrument is called

  1. static sensitivity
  2. dynamic deviation
  3. linearity
  4. precision or accuracy

82. The rectifier instrument is not free from

  1. temperature error
  2. wave shape error
  3. frequency error
  4. all of the above

83. The resistance in the circuit of the moving coil of a dynamometer wattmeter should be

  1. almost zero
  2. low
  3. high
  4. none of the above

84. The scale of a rectifier instrument is

  1. linear
  2. non-linear
  3. either a or b
  4. neither a nor b

85. The spring material used in a spring control device should have the following property.

  1. Should be non-magnetic
  2. Most be of low temperature co-efficient
  3. Should have low specific resistance
  4. All of the above

86. The stator of phase shifting transformer for use in conjunction with an A.C. potentiometer usually has a

  1. single-phase winding
  2. two-phase winding
  3. three-phase winding
  4. any of the above

87. The switch board instruments

  1. should be mounted in vertical position
  2. should be mounted in horizontal position
  3. either a or b
  4. neither a nor b

88. The two pressure coils of a single phase power factor meter have

  1. the same dimensions and the same number of turns
  2. the same dimension but different number of turns
  3. the same number of turns but different dimensions
  4. none of the above

89. The use of...............instruments is merely confined within laboratories as stand¬ardizing instruments

  1. absolute
  2. indicating
  3. recording
  4. integrating

90. To avoid the effect of stray magnetic field in A.C. bridges we can use

  1. magnetic screening
  2. Wagner earthing device
  3. wave filters
  4. any of the above

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