Measurement and Instrumentation MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

71. The function of shunt in an ammeter is to

  1. by pass the current
  2. increase the sensitivity of the ammeter
  3. increase the resistance of ammeter
  4. none of the above

72. The gravity controlled instrument has crowded scale because current is proportional to

  1. balancing weight
  2. deflection angle
  3. sine of deflection angle

73. The household energy meter is

  1. an indicating instrument
  2. a recording instrument
  3. an integrating instrument
  4. none of the above

74. The multiplier and the meter coil in a voltmeter are in

  1. series
  2. parallel
  3. series-parallel
  4. none of the above

75. The operating voltage of a meggar is about

  1. 6 V
  2. 12 V
  3. 40 V
  4. 100 V

76. The pointer of an indicating instrument should be

  1. very light
  2. very heavy
  3. either a or b
  4. neither a nor b

77. The power factor of a single phase load can be calculated if the instruments available are

  1. one voltmeter and one ammeter
  2. one voltmeter, one ammetqr and one wattmeter
  3. one voltmeter, one ammeter and one energy meter
  4. any of the above

78. The power of a n-phase circuit can be measured by using a minimum of

  1. (n - 1) wattmeter elements
  2. n wattmeter elements
  3. (n + 1) wattmeter elements
  4. 2n wattmeter elements

79. The pressure coil of a wattmeter should be connected on the supply side of the current coil when

  1. load impedance is high
  2. load impedance is low
  3. supply voltage is low
  4. none of the above

80. The principle on which vector voltmeter is based is

  1. that it works on the principle of complex variation
  2. that it measures the response of linear ramp voltage
  3. same as digital meter
  4. that it measures the amplitude of a single at two points and at the same time measures their phase difference

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