Measurement and Instrumentation MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. Murray loop test can be used for location of

  1. ground fault on a cable
  2. short circuit fault on a cable
  3. both the ground fault and the short-circuit fault
  4. none of the above

62. Operating torques in analogue instruments are

  1. deflecting and control
  2. deflecting and damping
  3. deflecting, control and damping
  4. vibration and balancing

63. Resistances can be measured with the help of

  1. wattmeters
  2. voltmeters
  3. ammeters
  4. ohmmeters and resistance bridges

64. Standard resistor is made from

  1. platinum
  2. maganin
  3. silver
  4. nichrome

65. Systematic errors are

  1. instrumental errors
  2. environmental errors
  3. observational errors
  4. all of the above

66. The adjustment of position of shading bands, in an energy meter is done to provide

  1. friction compensation
  2. creep compensation
  3. braking torque
  4. none of the above

67. The chemical effect of current is used in

  1. D.C. ammeter hour meter
  2. D.C. ammeter
  3. D.C. energy meter
  4. none of the above

68. The desirable static characteristics of a measuring system are

  1. accuracy and reproducibility
  2. accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility
  3. drift and dead zone
  4. static error

69. The disc of an instrument using eddy current damping should be of

  1. conducting and magnetic material
  2. non-conducting and magnetic material
  3. conducting and non-magnetic material
  4. none of the above

70. The electrical power to a meggar is provided by

  1. battery
  2. permanent magnet D.C. generator
  3. AC.generator
  4. any of the above

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