Measurement and Instrumentation MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

91. To measure a resistance with the help of a potentiometer it is

  1. necessary to standardise the potentiometer
  2. not necessary to standardise the potentiometer
  3. necessary to use a volt ratio box in conjunction with the potentiometer
  4. none of the above

92. To measure an A. C. voltage by using an A.C. potentiometer, it is desirable that the supplyfor the potentiometer in taken

  1. from a source which is not the same as the unknown voltage
  2. from a battery
  3. from the same source as the unknown voltage

93. To measure radio frequency, the suitable frequency meter is

  1. Weston frequency meter
  2. reed vibrator frequency meter
  3. hetrodyne frequency meter
  4. electrical resonance frequency meter

94. Two holes in the disc of energymeter are drilled at the opposite sides of the spindle to

  1. improve its ventilation
  2. eliminate creeping at no load
  3. increase its deflecting torque
  4. increase its braking tcrque

95. Various adjustments in an energy meter include

  1. light load or friction
  2. lag and creep
  3. overload and voltage compensation
  4. temperature compensation

96. Volt box is a component to

  1. extend voltage range
  2. measure voltage
  3. compare voltage in a box
  4. none of the above

97. Wagner earthing device is used to eliminate errors due to

  1. electrostatic coupling
  2. electromagnetic coupling
  3. both a and b
  4. none of the above

98. Wattmeter cannot be designed on the principle of

  1. electrostatic instrument
  2. thermocouple instrument
  3. moving iron instrument
  4. electrodynamic instrument

99. When a capacitor was connected to the terminal of ohmmeter, the pointer indicated a low resistance initially and then slowly came to infinity position. This shows that capacitor is

  1. short-circuited
  2. all right
  3. faulty

100. Which of the following are integrating instruments ?

  1. Ammeters
  2. Voltmeters
  3. Wattmeters
  4. Ampere-hour and watt-hour meters

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