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Heat and Temperature MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. One litre of water at 30 degree Centigrade is mixed with one liter of water at 50 degree Centigrade. The temperature of the mixture will be

  1. 80 degree Centigrade
  2. more than 50 degree Centigrade but less than 80 degree Centigrade
  3. 20 degree Centigrade
  4. between 30 degree Centigrade and 50 degree Centigrade

2. An iron ball at 40 degree Centigrade is dropped in a mug containing water at 40 degree Centigrade. The heat will

  1. flow from iron ball to water.
  2. not flow from iron ball to water or from water to iron ball.
  3. flow from water to iron ball.
  4. increase the temperature of both.

3. A wooden spoon is dipped in a cup of ice cream. Its other end

  1. becomes cold by the process of conduction.
  2. becomes cold by the process of convection.
  3. becomes cold by the process of radiation.
  4. does not become cold.

4. Stainless steel pans are usually provided with copper bottoms. The reason for this could be that

  1. copper bottom makes the pan more durable.
  2. such pans appear colourful.
  3. copper is a better conductor of heat than the stainless steel.
  4. copper is easier to clean than the stainless steel.

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Heat and Temperature

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