Fundamental Rights MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

51. Which one of the following rights was recognized by the Supreme Court in the Selvy Case Judgement (2010)?

  1. Right to Mental Privacy
  2. Right to purchase property in Jammu and Kashmir
  3. Right to form pressure groups
  4. NOTA (None of the above)

52. Article 30 of the Indian constitution deals with

  1. Right to propagate religion
  2. Abolition of untouchability
  3. Right of the minorities to establish and manage educational institutions
  4. Freedom of conscience

53. In which one of the following cases the supreme court of India held that both Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of state policy are equally important and one cannot be sacrificed for the other?

  1. S.R.Bommai v/s Union of India
  2. Balaji v/s State of Mysore
  3. Minerva Mills v/s Union of India
  4. A.K.Gopalanv/s State of Madras

54. Which one of the following does not qualify for curtailing the freedom of speech and expression under Indian Constitution?

  1. Security of the state
  2. Public order, decency, morality
  3. Demand for autonomy
  4. Contempt of Court

55. In the Indian Constitution the power to issue a writ of Habeas Corpus is vested

  1. The Supreme Court
  2. The High Courts
  3. The Subordinate Courts
  4. The Supreme Courts and the High Courts

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