French Revolution MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Which of the following is true about the Third Estate?

  1. It was consisted 95% of the French population
  2. They had to pay numerous taxes
  3. Their economic life was miserable
  4. All the above

22. Which of the following refuted the doctrine of divine and absolute right?

  1. John Locke
  2. Rousseau
  3. Montesquieu
  4. Voltaire

23. King in France at the time of the Revolution

  1. Louis XIV
  2. Louis XVI
  3. Marie Antoinette
  4. Nicholas II

24. The ill-advised queen Marie Antionette was the wife of

  1. Louis XV
  2. Louis XVI
  3. Louis XVII
  4. Louis XIV

25. Who was the successor of Louis XIV?

  1. Louis XVI
  2. Louis XVII
  3. Louis XV
  4. Louis XVIII

26. Members of the Third Estate were led by

  1. Louis XVI and Marie Antionette
  2. Lenin and Kerensky
  3. Mirabeau and Abbe Sieyes
  4. Rousseau and Voltaire

27. Who was the successor of Louis XV?

  1. Louis XVIII
  2. Louis XIX
  3. Louis XVI
  4. Louis XVII

28. Which of the following believed social position must depend on merit?

  1. Middle class
  2. Nobility
  3. Workers
  4. Peasants

29. Society based on freedom, equal laws and opportunities was advocated by

  1. middle class and people of the Third Estate
  2. clergy and nobility
  3. philosophers such as John Locke and Rousseau
  4. Englishmen Georges Danton and Arthur Young

30. Who among the following consisted in the First Estate?

  1. Nobles and Landlords
  2. Priests and Church officials
  3. Common People
  4. Middle Class people

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