Force and Pressure MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Rockets have a special streamlined body in order to

  1. increase friction
  2. reduce friction
  3. make them attractive
  4. none of these

22. One pascal is the pressure generated by

  1. force of 1 N on 1 m2
  2. force of 1 kgf on 1 m2
  3. force of 1 N on 1000 cm2
  4. force of 1 N on 1 cm2

23. Magnetic force causes

  1. attraction only
  2. repulsion only
  3. both attraction and repulsion
  4. none of these

24. If area of contact is increased, then

  1. pressure increases
  2. pressure decreases
  3. pressure remains constant
  4. none of these

25. Gravitational force is a

  1. contact force
  2. consequential force
  3. action-at-a-distance force
  4. none of these

26. Friction is

  1. always a disadvantage
  2. always an advantage
  3. sometimes a disadvantage and sometimes an advantage
  4. neither an advantage nor a disadvantage

27. Friction

  1. produces heat
  2. causes wear and tear
  3. opposes motion
  4. all of these

28. Force has

  1. only magnitude
  2. only direction
  3. both magnitude and direction
  4. neither magnitude nor direction

29. Burning of a meteor in the atmosphere is due to

  1. electrostatic force
  2. magnetic force
  3. frictional force
  4. gravitational force

30. A stone falling from the roof of a house is an example of

  1. frictional force
  2. magnetic force
  3. gravitational force
  4. electrostatic force

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