Fisheries MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

41. One of the following is not a benefit of vermicompost

  1. Protection of water bodies from pollution
  2. Reduction in microbialo activity
  3. increased availability of minerals
  4. increased hydration and aeration

42. Out of following the Indian trout is

  1. Barilius bola
  2. Salmo trutta fario
  3. Salmo gairdneri
  4. Denio devario

43. The larva of Lamprey is:

  1. Trochophore
  2. Tadpole
  3. Ammocoete
  4. Tonaria

44. The maxillary barbels in this fish are equal to rostral barbels in length

  1. Labeo dero
  2. Tor putitora
  3. Tor tor
  4. Tor khudree

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