Ecosystem MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

51. The simplest aquatic ecosystem can be seen in a

  1. River
  2. Lake
  3. Pond
  4. Water Tank

52. What is lentic habitat ?

  1. Running water habitat
  2. Standing or still water habitat
  3. Marine habitat
  4. None

53. Plants adapted to open, sunny habitats are

  1. Sciophytes
  2. Heliophytes
  3. Mesophytes
  4. Epiphytes

54. Plants which grow in shade are called

  1. Sciophytes
  2. Heliophytes
  3. Oxylophytes
  4. Epiphytes

55. Plants which grow in light are called

  1. Sciophytes
  2. Heliophytes
  3. Oxylophytes
  4. Epiphytes

56. Thorn forests are found in the ............................ regions

  1. semi-arid
  2. high rain fall areas
  3. low temperature
  4. frozen areas

57. What is lotic habitat?

  1. Standing or still water habitat
  2. Marine habitat
  3. Running water habitat
  4. Stagnant water

58. Lotic ecosystem refers to

  1. Static water system
  2. Ecosystem of flowing water
  3. Ecosystem of estuaries
  4. Deep marine water system

59. What is symbiosis?

  1. Study of distribution of related species
  2. Association between members of same species
  3. Association between members of two species
  4. None

60. What is Dendrology?

  1. Study of Plants
  2. Study of Butterflies
  3. Study of Trees
  4. None of these

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