Ecosystem MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. The term Eco implies

  1. Environment
  2. Ecotone
  3. Ecotourism
  4. Soil

22. ............................ trees shed their leaves during winter and hot summer.

  1. ever green
  2. coniferous
  3. deciduous
  4. Shola

23. Forests grow in high rain fall areas are

  1. ever green forests
  2. temperate forests
  3. conifers
  4. Tundra

24. The forests which occur in law rain fall area is

  1. Evergreen forests
  2. deciduous forests
  3. Coniferous forest
  4. all the above

25. A set of organisms that resemble one another in appearance and behavior is called a ............................

  1. Exons
  2. Prions
  3. Species
  4. guilds

26. When number of food chains is interlocked this is called

  1. food link
  2. food chain
  3. food web
  4. pyramid

27. Complex interlinked food chains are called

  1. Food Web
  2. Food net work
  3. Trophic levels
  4. Food pyramid

28. All the genes of a population is called

  1. gene pool
  2. genome
  3. gene bunch
  4. gene population

29. The first trophic level in a food chain

  1. Green Plants
  2. Herbivores
  3. Carnivores
  4. Bacteria

30. The species that flower are called

  1. gymnosperms
  2. bryophytes
  3. angiosperms
  4. algae

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