Earthquake MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Which of the following classes represent earthquakes with magnitudes between 6 and 6.9?

  1. moderate
  2. great
  3. strong
  4. light

12. Point at which earthquake takes place is known as

  1. origin
  2. epicenter
  3. principal
  4. focus

13. Earthquakes are produced during:

  1. plastic failure within the mantle
  2. brittle failure during faulting
  3. mushrooming during folding
  4. none of the above

14. Earthquakes occur most frequently at

  1. plate surface
  2. plate boundaries
  3. plate vacuum
  4. ocean beds

15. Instrument used to measure earthquake is known as

  1. quake meter
  2. quake graph
  3. seismograph
  4. typanicgraph

16. A seismograph is a device used to

  1. sound an alarm
  2. prevent earthquakes from occurring
  3. record the vibrations produced during an earthquake
  4. calm the seismologist during an earthquake

17. Magnitude of earthquake indicates amount of

  1. vibrations per second
  2. vibrations per minute
  3. oscillations
  4. energy released

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