Circular Motion MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Earth rotates and revolves through space. Earth rotates about the ............., which is an..............axis. Earth revolves about the................, which is an..............axis.

  1. sun, external, North/South pole, internal
  2. North/South pole, external, sun, internal
  3. sun, internal, North/South pole, external
  4. North/South pole, internal, sun, external

22. For a particle performing a U.C.M. the acceleration is

  1. constant in direction
  2. constant in magnitude but not in the direction
  3. constant in magnitude and direction
  4. constant in neither magnitude nor in direction

23. If you whirl a tin can on the end of a string and the string suddenly breaks, the can will

  1. fly directly away from you.
  2. fly off, tangent to its circular path.
  3. fly directly toward you.
  4. spiral in toward your hand.

24. In a vertical circle of radius r at what point in its path, a particle has a tension equal to zero?

  1. Highest point
  2. Lowest point
  3. Any point
  4. A horizontal point

25. The centripetal force exerted on stunt motorcyclist Biker Bob while riding on the inner vertical surface of a circular track is

  1. friction.
  2. his weight.
  3. the normal force.
  4. none of the above

26. The clock on Big Ben has a minute hand of length 4.3 m and an hour hand of length 2.7 m. What is the ratio of the centripetal acceleration of a point on the tip of the minute hand to a point on the tip of the hour hand?

  1. 1.6
  2. 150
  3. 230
  4. 5700

27. What is the direction of the force that acts on clothes in the spin cycle of a washing machine?

  1. Inward
  2. Down
  3. Outward
  4. Up

28. When particle revolves with uniform speed on a circular path

  1. no force acts on it
  2. no acceleration acts on it
  3. no work is done by it
  4. its velocity is constant

29. Which has greater linear speed, a horse near the outside rail of a merry-go-round or a horse near the inside rail?

  1. The inside horse
  2. The outside horse
  3. Neither—they both have the same linear speed.

30. Which of the following statements is not true for a stone attached to a string and swung in a uniform vertical circular motion?

  1. The magnitude of resultant force acting on the stone changes depending on the position of the stone in the circle.
  2. The tension in the string is lowest when the stone is at the highest point of the circular motion.
  3. The kinetic energy of the stone is constant throughout the entire circular motion.
  4. The resultant acceleration is always directed towards the centre of the circle.

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