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Atomic Structure MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. Who first proposed the atomic theory based on scientific knowledge

  1. John Dalton
  2. Robert Brown
  3. Jones Berzelius
  4. Dmitri Mendeleev

2. Who discovered Neutrons?

  1. Dalton
  2. J J Thomson
  3. Chadwick
  4. Faraday

3. Atomic mass of an element is equal to

  1. mass of electron
  2. mass of neutron
  3. the sum of mass of proton and neutron
  4. the sum of mass of electron and proton

4. Experimentation with cathode ray led to the discovery of

  1. electron
  2. proton
  3. neutron
  4. nucleus

5. Electromagnetic radiations produced from nuclear reactions are

  1. alpha rays
  2. beta rays
  3. gama rays
  4. x rays

6. Who explained the behavior of positively charged particles being deflected from a metal fousceil as the nucleus

  1. Ernest Rutherford
  2. James Chadwick
  3. John Dalton
  4. Niels Bohr

7. In the gold foil experiment, most of the particles fired at the foil

  1. bounced back
  2. were absorbed by the foil
  3. passed through the foil
  4. combined at the foil

8. Which of the following statement Is wrong about electron

  1. It is a particle
  2. Its motion is affected by magnetic field
  3. It has wave like property
  4. It emits energy while moving in orbit

9. The gold foil experiment led to the discovery of

  1. cathode ray
  2. electron
  3. neutron
  4. proton

10. Principle quantum number describes

  1. size of the orbital
  2. shape of the orbital
  3. spin of the orbital
  4. orientation of the orbital

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Atomic Structure

Atomic Structure Trivia Questions and Answers PDF

Atomic Structure Question and Answer

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