Atmosphere MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

41. The Coriolis force:

  1. is caused by pressure gradient forces.
  2. affects the speed of motion.
  3. is constant.
  4. affects the direction of motion.

42. Specific humidity:

  1. is a useful measure for comparing water vapor at two different locations.
  2. is the same as the relative humidity.
  3. changes as a given mass of air expands

43. The atmospheric window:

  1. is a local phenomenon similar to the ozone hole that opens over Antarctica in winter.
  2. is located at a band of wavelengths between 0.1 and 0.4 micrometers.
  3. allows certain wavelengths of longwave radiation to pass through the atmosphere.

44. As you rise upwards in the atmosphere air pressure ................

  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. doesnt changefirst increases, then decreases

45. If the air temperature remains constant, evaporating water into the air will ……………….. the dew point and …………………. the relative humidity.

  1. increase, increase.
  2. increase, decrease.
  3. decrease, decrease.
  4. decrease, increase.

46. Anticy clones:

  1. have clockwise winds in the Northern Hemisphere.
  2. have air spiraling into them near the surface.
  3. are associated with subgeostrophic winds.

47. Volcanic outgassing:

  1. has had little effect on the earths atmosphere.
  2. created the earths first atmosphere.
  3. emits very little carbon dioxide.
  4. emits large amounts of water vapor.

48. The radiation emitted by Earth:

  1. had its origin in radioactive elements in the earths interior.
  2. is primarily absorbed by the atmosphere.
  3. has little effect on the earths energy budget.
  4. is in the form of radio waves.

49. A geostrophic wind:

  1. flows perpendicular to the pressure gradient force.
  2. is usually not affected by the Coriolis force.
  3. follows the pressure gradient force.

50. Cyclones:

  1. experience Coriolis effects that deflect air to the right in the Southern Hemisphere.
  2. are associated with supergeostrophic winds.
  3. are typically regions of fair weather.
  4. are associated with low-pressure systems.

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