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21. The dew point temperature:

  1. tells us how cold the air is.
  2. tells us how moist the air is.
  3. can be larger or smaller than the air temperature.

22. This occurs around a high-pressure system when the Coriolis effect exceeds the pressure gradient force, causing air to turn:

  1. subgeostrophic flow.
  2. geostrophic flow.
  3. supergeostrophic flow.

23. The temperature is lowest here:

  1. stratosphere.
  2. mesopause.
  3. tropopause.
  4. stratopause.

24. In this atmospheric layer, the temperature is relatively constant for the first 10 kilometers, then it increases:

  1. stratosphere.
  2. mesosphere.
  3. troposphere.
  4. thermosphere.

25. The highest temperatures are typically found in the:

  1. stratosphere.
  2. troposphere.
  3. mesosphere.
  4. thermosphere.

26. The Stefan-Boltzmann Law gives the relationship between:

  1. solar energy and distance.
  2. moisture and long-wave radiation.
  3. emissivity and wavelength.
  4. the intensity of radiation and the temperature of an object.

27. The mixing ratio has the most in common with this measure of water vapor:

  1. saturation vapor pressure.
  2. absolute humidity.
  3. specific humidity.
  4. relative humidity.

28. Which of the following will increase in a rising parcel of air?

  1. saturation vapor pressure.
  2. relative humidity.
  3. air temperature.

29. As the air temperature increases, with no addition of water vapor to the air, the relative humidity will:

  1. remain the same.
  2. increase.
  3. decrease.

30. Sunsets are red for all of the following reasons except:

  1. red light has more energy than blue light.
  2. Rayleigh & Mie scattering.
  3. light has to travel through more atmosphere to reach the observer.

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