Atmosphere MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Instruments used to measure air pressure are called ................

  1. thermometers
  2. hygrometers
  3. hydrometers
  4. barometers

12. The pressure gradient force is proportional to:

  1. the slope of the isobars.
  2. the change in temperature expressed in Kelvin degrees.
  3. the change in air density.
  4. the speed necessary to achieve hydrostatic equilibrium.

13. The four factors that are totally responsible forwind are:

  1. the pressure gradient force, the Coriolis force, the centripetal acceleration, moisture content.
  2. the centripetal acceleration, moisture content, friction, Coriolis force.
  3. friction, centripetal acceleration, pressure gradient force, moisture content.
  4. the Coriolis force, friction, the centripetal acceleration, the pressure gradient force.

14. When climbing a high mountain, you get out of breath easily because ................

  1. the percentage of oxygen in the air decreases
  2. the air is more dense
  3. there is less oxygen in each cubic meter of air
  4. air pressure is greater

15. The atmosphere is ................

  1. the layer in which weather occurs
  2. the layer that contains the ozone layer
  3. the layer of water in the oceans
  4. the layer of gases that surrounds Earth

16. Wind systems are generated by:

  1. the interaction of the atmosphere with the charged particles of the solar wind.
  2. different pressures in different places.
  3. the drag on the atmosphere caused by the earths rotation.
  4. the movements of ocean currents.

17. The stratosphere warms because of:

  1. the injection of moisture by meteors.
  2. the injection of moisture by high-flying jet aircraft.
  3. the interaction of ozone and ultraviolet light.
  4. dust and dirt deposited by volcanoes.

18. Hydrostatic equilibrium occurs when:

  1. the force of gravity and the vertical pressure gradient both act to push air downward.
  2. large air masses are moving either up or down.
  3. the force of gravity and the vertical pressure gradient both act to push air upward.
  4. the force of gravity and the vertical pressure gradient have equal value and oppose each other.

19. Most of the outgoing terrestrial radiation at the top of the atmosphere are emitted from:

  1. the atmosphere
  2. Earths surface

20. Saturation vapor pressure is dependent upon this variable:

  1. temperature.
  2. air composition.
  3. air pressure.

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