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Astronomy Question and Answer

1. The largest circular storm in our solar system is on the surface of which of the following planets?

  1. Jupiter
  2. Venus
  3. Uranus
  4. Earth

2. The biggest asteroid known is

  1. Vesta
  2. Icarus
  3. Ceres
  4. Eros

3. Rounded to the nearest day, the Mercurian year is equal to

  1. 115
  2. 78
  3. 88
  4. 165

4. One of the largest Volcanoes in our solar system-if not the largest is named Olympus Mons. This Volcano is located on

  1. Jupiters Moon Callisto
  2. Venus
  3. Saturns Moon Titan
  4. Mars

5. One Jupiter day is equal to which of the following?

  1. 8 hrs 40 min
  2. 9 hrs 50 min
  3. 10 hrs 30 min
  4. 12 hrs 10 min

6. The time interval between two successive occurrences of a specific type of alignment of a planet (or the moon) with the sun and the earth is referred to as

  1. a conjunction
  2. an opposition
  3. a sidereal period
  4. a synodic period

7. Which one best represents the time it takes energy generated in the core of the sun to reach the surface of the sun and be radiated?

  1. Three minutes
  2. Thirty days
  3. One thousand years
  4. One million years

8. The sunspot cycle is

  1. 3 years
  2. 7 years
  3. 11 years
  4. 14 years

9. The Andromeda Galaxy is which of the following types of galaxies?

  1. elliptical
  2. spiral
  3. barred-spiral
  4. irregular

10. About how many light years across is the Milky Way?

  1. 1,000
  2. 10,000
  3. 100,000
  4. 1000,000

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Astronomy

Astronomy Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Online

Astronomy Question and Answer

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