Sanitation Health and Hygiene MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. What happens to sludge in a septic tank?

  1. it dries out and form clumps that have to be shoveled out every few years
  2. it floats on top of the liquid wastewater in the tank and needs to be pumped out every few years
  3. it collects at the bottom of the tank and needs to be pumped out every few years
  4. it flows through pipes in the septic tank to the drain field

62. What happens when you flush a toilet?

  1. The flush valve is lifted and water fills the bowl.
  2. The flush valve is lowered and the water stops.
  3. The flush valve is lowered and water fills the bowl.
  4. None

63. What is a zero liquid discharge system?

  1. a system that precipitates metals out of factory wastewater by changing the pH
  2. a system that uses ozone or hydrogen peroxide to oxidize organic chemicals in factory wastewater
  3. a system that neutralizes acids or alkalis in factory wastewater
  4. a system that evaporates water from factory wastewater so only solids remain

64. What is an important material between some toilets and the bathroom floor?

  1. caulking
  2. wax seal
  3. Both
  4. no material

65. What is an occupational disease?

  1. a condition caused by a difference in the genes that someone inherited from their parents that interferes with how the body works
  2. a condition caused by a pollutant or toxin getting into someone and then interfering with growth, development or function of the body
  3. a condition caused by a foreign organism getting into someone where it interferes with how the body works and reproduces and spreads to someone else
  4. a condition caused by exposure to dangerous conditions or toxic substances in a work situation

66. What is Black water?

  1. It is waste water discharged from toilet
  2. Waste water from the bathroom
  3. Waste water from the kitchen sink

67. What is DDT?

  1. an elemental plant nutrient
  2. a low-toxicty drug taken to cure malaria
  3. a microbicide that is safe for people
  4. a persistent, chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticide

68. What is Electronic health recorder:

  1. It is distributed personal health record in digital format.
  2. It is a recorder which record health
  3. It is an instrument, which record blood pressure.

69. What is reason for drying your hands after washing them?

  1. So that you dont drip water everywhere.
  2. Because germs and bacteria are more easily spread with wet hands.
  3. Your hands are slippery when wet, and you will not be able to hold kitchen utensils properly.
  4. All the above.

70. What is sludge?

  1. insects that live under rocks in streams
  2. the liquid part of wastewater
  3. the solids that are heavier than liquid wastewater and sink to the bottom
  4. the solids, like fats, grease, and oil, that float on top of liquid wastewater

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