Good Manners MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. An example of good manners is

  1. someone making fun of someone.
  2. someone laughing at someone.
  3. someone kicking someone.
  4. someone treating someone kindly.

22. You and your friends are having fun walking through the mall. Good manners means

  1. running into people.
  2. walking on the right-hand side.
  3. being loud and boisterous.
  4. stealing things.

23. Your mother is on the telephone, but you want to ask for

  1. 1.00. Good manners means
  2. you keep bugging her until she gives you the money.
  3. you keep calling her name until she looks at you.
  4. you keep jumping up and down in front of her.

24. Someone has just given you a compliment. Its good manners to say

  1. Thank you.
  2. something quiet, so that no one can hear you.
  3. You must be kidding!
  4. nothing

25. Someone who says excuse me when she burps is

  1. talking too much.
  2. being too noisy.
  3. being polite.
  4. being annoying.

26. Using good manners is

  1. a good idea.
  2. a bad idea.
  3. a silly idea.
  4. not important.

27. Using good manners makes

  1. everyone uneasy.
  2. getting along easier.
  3. getting along harder.
  4. everyone sad.

28. The person using good manners is the one who

  1. shoves people out of the way.
  2. talks with food in his mouth.
  3. stares at the floor and says nothing when meeting someone new.
  4. says thank you for coming when you leave.

29. The person not using good manners is the one who

  1. says I am sorry when someone gets hurts.
  2. waits his turn in line.
  3. smiles and gives her name when meeting someone.
  4. keeps to the left on the sidewalk.

30. Treating people kindly is important

  1. only when we want them to like us.
  2. only when someone is looking.
  3. all the time
  4. only when we want to get our own way.

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