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Good Manners Question and Answer

1. Good manners have been developed

  1. to give people more rules to learn.
  2. because people are mean.
  3. for no good reason.
  4. to make living together easier.

2. Good manners are

  1. only words.
  2. only actions
  3. both words and actions
  4. none of the above.

3. Good manners are what we

  1. say.
  2. do.
  3. dont do.
  4. all of the above.

4. When people live together, their needs and wants are

  1. the same.
  2. different.
  3. unusual.
  4. strange.

5. Good manners are

  1. ways of treating people kindly.
  2. silly.
  3. fake.
  4. impossible.

6. Good manners were

  1. made up over time.
  2. made up last year.
  3. made up last week.
  4. made up last night.

7. If I meet someone new and I want to show good manners, I should

  1. smile and say hello.
  2. pretend I dont see him.
  3. stare.
  4. say nothing.

8. If I bump into someone, I should

  1. say nothing.
  2. do nothing.
  3. say I am sorry.
  4. glare at him.

9. If I am sitting on a crowded bus or train and someone older than I am gets on, I should

  1. do nothing.
  2. get up and give that person my seat.
  3. stare at him.
  4. make fun of him.

10. If someone is talking on the telephone, and I interrupt, that is

  1. perfectly all right.
  2. good manners.
  3. not good manners.
  4. none of the above.

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Good Manners

Good Manners Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Online

Good Manners Question and Answer

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