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51. A stray volleyball rolls onto the court during the set and disrupts play. The referees:

  1. Give the team that was interfered with the option of either (1) accepting the outcome of the play or (2) a replay.
  2. Stop play and signal a replay.
  3. Allow the rally to continue to its natural end. The rally will be replayed only if players from the team that lost the rally complain that they were distracted by the stray volleyball.
  4. Allow the result of the rally to stand regardless of any distraction, interference or interruption the ball may may have caused.

52. A substitution is legal when:

  1. The substitute is not listed on the roster but is listed on the lineup.
  2. The substitute enters the set not in the original position in the serving order as recorded on the scoresheet.
  3. It is a teams 19th substitution.
  4. The substitute enters the set at the end of a time-out after the teams have returned to the court following the legal substitution procedure.

53. A team has been assessed a second administrative unnecessary delay. The penalty is:

  1. A second administrative yellow card.
  2. An administrative red card, loss of rally/point.
  3. The head coach must remain seated during play for yellow or red administrative cards.
  4. All are correct.

54. A team is allowed ............. substitutions per set.

  1. 15
  2. 18
  3. Unlimited
  4. 12

55. A time-out will last for a maximum of 60 seconds, unless both teams are ready to play prior to the 60 seconds expiring.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

56. A tossed ball that contacts a backboard or its supports hanging in a vertical position over the serving area is a service fault and not eligible for a re-serve.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

57. After an injury a coach has 30 seconds to:

  1. Request a substitution for the player.
  2. Leave the player in the set with play beginning immediately.
  3. Take a team time-out if the team has not used its allotted time-outs.
  4. All are correct.

58. After the first referees signal to serve, a re-serve occurs when the server:

  1. Drops the ball and then serves it as it bounces off the floor.
  2. Allows the tossed ball to drop to the ground without it being touched.
  3. Swings, misses and the ball contacts his/her shoulder.
  4. Tosses the ball and it contacts a backboard or its supports hanging in a vertical position over the service area.

59. All of the following are accurate in relation to net play except:

  1. Blocking a served ball is permitted.
  2. Recovering a ball hit into the net shall be permitted.
  3. A player shall not contact a ball which is completely on the opponents side of the net unless the contact is a legal block.
  4. A ball contacting and crossing the net shall remain in play provided contact is entirely within the net antennas.

60. All teammates, with the exception of the libero, shall wear:

  1. A like-colored uniform top and bottom, one or two pieces.
  2. The uniform as the manufacturer intended.
  3. A uniform free of hard and unyielding items.
  4. All are uniform requirements.

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