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31. At the moment of the serve:

  1. Each right-side player shall have at least part of one foot touching the floor closer to the right sideline than both feet of the center player in the corresponding row.
  2. The center back may be closer to the right sideline than the serving right back.
  3. Each front-row player shall have at least part of one foot touching the floor closer to the center line than both feet of the corresponding back row player.
  4. All are correct.

32. Between sets, teams may:

  1. Serve into oppopnents court.
  2. Hit into opponents court.
  3. Warm up with volleyballs on their own side of the playing area.
  4. Jog around the entire playing surface.

33. Blocking a served ball is permitted.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

34. CF, LF and LB are very close to each other at the net, and all three are reaching higher than the top of the net. The ball is attacked by Team S and contacts LFs hands. Which of the following statements is true?

  1. CF, LF and LB do not meet the definition of a collective block.
  2. Neither CF or LB contacted the ball, so it is a legal block.
  3. A blocking fault results because LB has participated in a completed collective block.
  4. All the statements are true.

35. Due to an injury, Team A will be completing the set with only five players. The vacant position is currently the LF. The LB will be coming up as the back-row setter. Correct procedure is:

  1. The LB must stay behind the 3-meter line until the ball is contacted for the serve.
  2. The LB may go all the way to net before the ball is contacted for the serve.
  3. The LB may start in the RB position before the serve.
  4. The LB may switch with CB before the ball is contacted for the serve.

36. During a dead ball, the playing captain may request the following for his/her team:

  1. Time-out.
  2. Verification of time-outs used.
  3. Verification of serving order.
  4. All are correct.

37. During a time-out, when should a substitute enter the set?

  1. When beckoned by the scorers table.
  2. When beckoned by the first referee.
  3. When team is released by the coach.
  4. After the time-out when both teams have returned to the court.

38. During the set, each line judge shall assist the referees by:

  1. Determining at the moment of contact for the serve whether the server touches the end line or floor outside the lines marking the width of the serving area.
  2. Indicating when the ball touches the net, net antennas and/or net supports not entirely between the net antennas.
  3. Indicating when a player touches a ball that is going out of bounds on the players side of the net.
  4. All are correct.

39. During the set, the ........... is permitted to stand in the replacement zone.

  1. Incoming substitute
  2. Assistant coach
  3. Head coach
  4. Team managers

40. During the set, the libero tracker shall:

  1. Notify the second referee if the libero does not remain out of the set for one rally between replacements, unless the libero is replacing the player in the right back position and will serve the next rally.
  2. Inform the second referee of each teams libero status at the beginning of each time-out.
  3. Notify the scorer to sound the audio device at the time the ball is contacted for the serve when there is an illegal replacement.
  4. All are correct.

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