Tennis MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. When can a player call a foot-fault on an opponent in a non-officiated match?

  1. After a warning
  2. After a foot-fault judge has been requested
  3. Only on flagrant foot-faults as clearly perceptible from the receivers side
  4. All of the above

62. When do players change ends in a tiebreaker?

  1. Every four points
  2. Every six points with no delay
  3. every six points with a 60 break
  4. every eight points

63. When must an out call be made by a player?

  1. Before they touch the ball
  2. Before the ball hits the ground on the opposite side of the net
  3. Before the ball is hit by the opponent or gone out of play
  4. Before the next point

64. When serving from the left side, the served ball must land inside the right service court

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement
  3. Both a and b are correct
  4. none of these

65. When should the toss or spin be done?

  1. before warm-up
  2. after warm-up
  3. after serves have been taken
  4. after warm-up and a water break has been taken

66. When the ball is in play, another ball rolls onto the court, a let is calle

  1. The server had previously served a fault. Is the server now entitled to a first serve or second serve?
  2. First serve
  3. Second serve

67. Where can a vibration dampener be placed on the racquet?

  1. anywhere on the strings
  2. only at the top or bottom of the racquet
  3. only at the bottom of the racquet, below the bottom string
  4. anywhere except in the string pattern

68. Which of the following does not constitute the loss of a point?

  1. The player double hits the ball
  2. The player hits the ball before it has passed the net
  3. The players shirt is touched by the ball
  4. The player carries the ball on his racquet before it goes back into play

69. Which of the following is not a fault if the serves does this during the service motion?

  1. Changes positions by walking or running
  2. Touch the baseline
  3. Touch the area outside the imaginary extension of the sideline with either foot
  4. Catches the ball after the toss without attempting to strike ft

70. Which of the following is not an option for the player who wins the toss (or racquet spin)?

  1. To serve or receive
  2. To choose end of the court from which the opponent must receive
  3. To choose end of the court from which to serve or receive
  4. To require opponent to make the decision of service or side

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