Basketball Question and Answer

61. The length of intermission between the end of regulation play and the first extra period is ............ minute(s).

  1. three
  2. two
  3. one
  4. four

62. The third indirect technical foul charged to the head coach results in disqualification and ejection.

  1. True statement
  2. False statement

63. The time consumed prior to recognition of a correctable error cannot be restored even though the error is corrected.

  1. True statement
  2. False statement

64. The use of electronic devices on the bench is permitted in all instances, EXCEPT:

  1. Gathering of statistics.
  2. Communication with a player on the court.
  3. Recording video.
  4. Retrieval of a play from the internet.

65. To establish the alternatingpossession procedure, control may be gained as a result of a violation or foul.

  1. True statement
  2. False statement

66. Traveling is moving a foot in any direction in excess of prescribe limits while holding the ball. Which of the following statements are also True statement?

  1. A player who catches the ball with both feet on the floor may pivot using either foot.
  2. With a catch with both feet on the floor, when one is lifted, the other becomes the pivot.
  3. The pivot foot may not be lifted before the ball is released to start a dribble.
  4. All of the above.

67. When a foul occurs, the official shall verbally inform the offender, then:

  1. verbally inform the scorer the number of the offender.
  2. use the right hand to indicate to the scorer the number of the offender.
  3. use both hands to indicate to the scorer the number of the offender.
  4. Both A and C are correct.

68. When a team member is wearing an item that causes a safety concern, the referee may:

  1. Have the team member removed from the gym.
  2. Charge an indirect technical foul to the head coach.
  3. Prohibit the team member from participating.
  4. Both B and C.

69. When free thrower, A1, purposefully fakes a try, it results in:

  1. A technical foul assessed to As head coach.
  2. A violation on A1.
  3. A team technical on Team A.
  4. An unsporting technical on A1.

70. When the ball is awarded to the wrong team for a throw-in, in order for it to be corrected, it must be rectified:

  1. Before the throw-in ends.
  2. Before the ball is handed to the thrower.
  3. Before the ball is bounced to the thrower.
  4. Before the ball is released by the thrower.

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Basketball Question and Answer

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