Rectifiers Question and Answer

11. The bridge rectifier is preferred to an ordinary two diode full wave rectifier because

  1. it needs much smaller transformer for the same output
  2. no center tap required
  3. less PIV rating per diode
  4. all the above

12. The main reason why a bleeder resistor is used in a dc power supply is that it

  1. keeps the supply ON
  2. improves voltage regulation
  3. improves filtering action
  4. both (b) and (c)

13. The maximum efficiency of full wave rectification is

  1. 40.60%
  2. 100%
  3. 81.20%
  4. 85.60%

14. The ripple factor of a bridge rectifier is

  1. 0.482
  2. 0.812
  3. 1.11
  4. 1.21

15. The use of a capacitor filter in a rectifier circuit gives satisfactory performance only when the load

  1. current is high
  2. current is low
  3. voltage is high
  4. voltage is low

16. To get a peak loa d voltage of 40V out of a bridge rectifier. What is the approximate rms value of secondary voltage?

  1. 0 V
  2. 14.4 V
  3. 28.3 V
  4. 56.6 V

17. Which rectifier requires four diodes?

  1. half-wave voltage doubler
  2. full-wave voltage doubler
  3. full-wave bridge circuit
  4. voltage quadrupler

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Rectifiers Question and Answer

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