Power Electronics MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

111. The device that does not have the gate terminal is ……………….

  1. FET
  2. SCR
  3. Triac
  4. Diac

112. The device that exhibits negative resistance region is ………………..

  1. Triac
  2. Transistor
  3. Diac
  4. UJT

113. The effects of EMI can be reduced by

  1. Reducing the efficiency of the coupling path
  2. Reducing the susceptibility of the receptor
  3. Suppressing emissions
  4. All of these

114. The input current waveform of a bridge controlled rectifier when the load is perfectly filtered is

  1. Square wave
  2. Saw – tooth wave
  3. Sine wave
  4. Trapezoidal wave

115. The most suited gate pulses given to the AC regulator with R – L load can be in the form of

  1. Large isolating pulse transformer
  2. A train of pulses
  3. Continuous signal
  4. None of these

116. The normal way to turn on a diac is by ………………..

  1. Gate voltage
  2. Breakover voltage
  3. Gate current
  4. None of the above

117. The output power of the cascaded amplifier-attenuator system can be determined using

  1. Actual gain of amplifier and attenuator
  2. Gain in dB of amplifier and attenuator
  3. Actual gain of amplifier
  4. Actual gain of attenuator

118. The power MOSFET device is a

  1. Voltage controlled unipolar device
  2. Current controlled bipolar device
  3. Current controlled unipolar device
  4. Voltage controlled bipolar device

119. The square wave operation of 3 phase VSI lines contains the harmonics. The amplitudes are

  1. Inversely proportional to their harmonic order
  2. Not related to their harmonic order
  3. Directly proportional to their harmonic order
  4. None of these

120. The switching function of semiconductor devices can be characterized with

  1. Frequency only
  2. Duty ratio and frequency
  3. Duty ratio only
  4. Duty ratio, frequency and time delay

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