Parallel Processing MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

81. Which Algorithm is better choice for pipelining?

  1. Small Algorithm
  2. Hash Algorithm
  3. Merge-Sort Algorithm
  4. Quick-Sort Algorithm

82. Which cache miss does not occur in case of a fully associative cache ?

  1. Conflict miss
  2. Capacity miss
  3. Compulsory miss
  4. Cold start miss

83. Which is the fastest storage unit in a usual memory hierarchy?

  1. Cache
  2. Main memory
  3. Hard disk
  4. Register

84. Which major development led to the production of microcomputers?

  1. Magnetic disks
  2. floppy disks
  3. Logic gates
  4. Integrated Circuits

85. Which MIMD systems are best scalable with respect to the number of processors?

  1. Distributed memory computers
  2. ccNUMA systems
  3. nccNUMA systems
  4. Symmetric multiprocessors

86. Which miss even occurs in infinite caches?

  1. Coherence miss
  2. Capacity miss
  3. Conflict miss
  4. Cold start miss

87. Which of the architecture is power efficient?

  1. CISC
  2. RISC
  3. ISA
  4. IANA

88. Which of the following bus is used to transfer data from main memory to peripheral device?

  1. DMA bus
  2. Output bus
  3. Data bus
  4. All of the above

89. Which of the following code is used in present day computing was developed by IBM corporation?

  1. ASCII
  2. Hollerith Code
  3. Baudot code
  4. EBCDIC code

90. Which of the following is true about interrupts?

  1. They are generated when memory cycles are stolen
  2. They are used in place of data channels
  3. They can be generated by arithmetic operation
  4. They can indicate completion of an I/O operation

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