Parallel Processing MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. SPEC stands for,

  1. Standard Performance Evaluation Code.
  2. System Processing Enhancing Code.
  3. System Performance Evaluation Corporation.
  4. Standard Processing Enhancement Corporation.

32. Systems that do not have parallel processing capabilities are

  1. SISD
  2. SIMD
  3. MIMD
  4. All of the above

33. Te devices connected to a microprocessor can use the data bus:

  1. all the time
  2. at regular interval of time
  3. only when it’s sending or receiving data
  4. when the microprocessor is reset

34. The 16- bit registers in 8085 is

  1. general purpose register
  2. accumulator
  3. stack pointer and program counter
  4. all of the above

35. The access time of memory is ............... the time required for performing any single CPU operation.

  1. Longer than
  2. Shorter than
  3. Negligible than
  4. Same as

36. The advantage of RISC processor over CISC processor is that

  1. The hardware architecture is simpler
  2. An instruction can be executed in one cycle
  3. Less number of registers accommodate in chip
  4. Parallel execution capabilities

37. The average number of steps taken to execute the set of instructions can be made to be less than one by following

  1. ISA
  2. Pipe-lining
  3. Super-scaling
  4. Sequential

38. The CISC stands for

  1. Computer Instruction Set Compliment
  2. Complete Instruction Set Compliment
  3. Computer Indexed Set Components
  4. Complex Instruction set computer

39. The clock rate of the processor can be improved by,

  1. Improving the IC technology of the logic circuits
  2. Reducing the amount of processing done in one step
  3. By using overclocking method
  4. All of the above

40. The computer architecture aimed at reducing the time of execution of instructions is

  1. CISC
  2. RISC
  3. ISA
  4. ANNA

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