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11. Thread ring gauges are used check external threads. Separate Go and No Go gauging members are provided. Which one of the following screw thread elements is not checked with the ring gauges?

  1. Pitch
  2. Helix angle
  3. Profile
  4. Pitch diameter

12. The best way of avoiding accident is by

  1. doing work in ancient way
  2. doing work in ones own way
  3. observing safety rules related to job, machine and workplace
  4. using safety equipment

13. In case of an accident, the victim should immediately be

  1. asked to take rest
  2. enquired about the accident
  3. attended to immediately
  4. left to himself without treatment

14. How do you recognize a drill for soft metal?

  1. By the large helix angle
  2. By the small helix angle
  3. By the chisel edge angle
  4. By the point angle which is 90 deg

15. Dressing and turning of a grinding wheel are?

  1. Exactly the same operation
  2. Done with the same equipment
  3. Done only for coarse grinding wheels
  4. Only for form grinding

16. Which of the following is not the part of a combination set?

  1. stock
  2. Protractor head
  3. Square head
  4. Centre head

17. Thread measurement with inserts fitted in the anvil and spindle of screw tread micrometer are selected on the basis of one the following elements of a thread being measured?

  1. Major diameter
  2. Minor diameter
  3. Effective diameter
  4. Pitch

18. Which one of the following operations can be done on slotting machine?

  1. External keyway on long shaft
  2. Internal grooves
  3. Woodruff keyway on a shaft
  4. Keyway for feather keys

19. Generally the length of the handle of a vice is

  1. 1.5 times the nominal size of the vice
  2. 2.5 times the nominal size of the vice
  3. 3.5 times the nominal size of the vice
  4. 4.5 times the nominal size of the vice

20. Which one of the following groups of properties enables the manufacture of chain hooks from wrought iron?

  1. Ductillity, malleability and hardness
  2. Hardness, toughness and ductility
  3. Malleability, ductility and toughness
  4. Hardness, toughness and brittleness

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