Embedded Systems MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

81. Which of the following controls the time slicing mechanism in a multitasking operating system?

  1. kernel
  2. single tasking kernel
  3. multitasking kernel
  4. application manager

82. Which of the following decides which task can have the next time slot?

  1. single task operating system
  2. applications
  3. kernel
  4. software

83. Which of the following defines the set of instructions loaded into the memory?

  1. process
  2. task
  3. thread
  4. system hardware

84. Which of the following depends the number of bits that are transferred?

  1. wait statement
  2. ready statement
  3. time
  4. counter

85. Which of the following device can transfer the vector table from the EPROM?

  1. ROM
  2. RAM
  3. CPU
  4. peripheral

86. Which of the following does not uses a shared memory?

  1. process
  2. thread
  3. task
  4. kernel

87. Which of the following has a Harvard architecture?

  1. EDSAC
  2. SSEM
  3. PIC

88. Which of the following has programmable hardware?

  1. microcontroller
  2. microprocessor
  3. coprocessor
  4. FPGA

89. Which of the following has the ability to download code using a serial port?

  1. cpu simulator
  2. high-level language simulator
  3. onboard debugger
  4. low-level language simulator

90. Which of the following have a 16 Mbytes addressed range?

  1. PowerPC
  2. M68000
  3. DSP56000
  4. TMS 320

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