Embedded Systems MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

71. Which of the following can be used to refer to entities within the RTOS?

  1. threads
  2. kernels
  3. system
  4. applications

72. Which of the following can destroy the accuracy in the algorithms?

  1. delays
  2. error signal
  3. interrupt
  4. mmu

73. Which of the following can own and control the resources ?

  1. thread
  2. task
  3. system
  4. peripheral

74. Which of the following can periodically trigger the context switch?

  1. software interrupt
  2. hardware interrupt
  3. peripheral
  4. memory

75. Which of the following can provide hardware handshaking?

  1. RS232
  2. Parallel port
  3. Counter
  4. Timer

76. Which of the following can simulate the LCD controllers and parallel pots?

  1. memory simulator
  2. sds
  3. input simulator
  4. output tools

77. Which of the following can simulate the processor, memory, and peripherals?

  1. input simulator
  2. peripheral simulator
  3. memory simulator
  4. cpu simulator

78. Which of the following can transfer multiple bits of data simultaneously?

  1. serial port
  2. sequential port
  3. concurrent unit
  4. parallel port

79. Which of the following consist two lines of legs on both sides of a plastic or ceramic body?

  1. SIMM
  2. DIMM
  3. Zig-zag
  4. Dual in-line

80. Which of the following contains all the task and their status?

  1. register
  2. ready list
  3. access list
  4. task list

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