Embedded Systems MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

41. Which allows the parallel development of the hardware and software in the simulation?

  1. high-level language simulation
  2. low-level language simulation
  3. cpu simulator
  4. onboard simulator

42. Which allows the UNIX software to be ported using a simple recompilation?

  1. pSOS+
  2. UNIX compatible library
  3. pSOS+m
  4. pOS+kernel

43. Which are the processors based on RISC?

  1. SPARC
  2. 80386
  3. MC68030
  4. MC68020

44. Which are the serial ports of the IBM PC?

  1. COM1
  2. COM4 and COM1
  3. COM1 and COM2
  4. COM3

45. Which are the two main types of processor connection to the motherboard?

  1. sockets and slots
  2. sockets and pins
  3. slots and pins
  4. pins and ports

46. Which can be considered as the lower level in the multitasking operating system?

  1. process
  2. task
  3. threads
  4. multi threads

47. Which can be supported if the task or process maintains a separate data area for each thread

  1. single thread system
  2. mono thread system
  3. multiple threads
  4. dual threads

48. Which company developed 16450?

  1. Philips
  2. Intel
  3. National semiconductor
  4. IBM

49. Which company further developed the study of RISC architecture?

  1. Intel
  2. Motorola
  3. university of Berkeley
  4. MIPS

50. Which coprocessor supports affine closure?

  1. 80187
  2. 80287
  3. 80387
  4. 8088

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