Embedded Systems MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. What happens to the interrupts in an interrupt service routine?

  1. disable interrupt
  2. enable interrupts
  3. remains unchanged
  4. ready state

32. What happens when 8 bits are transferred in the SPI?

  1. wait statement
  2. ready statement
  3. interrupt
  4. remains unchanged

33. What is 80/20 rule?

  1. 80% instruction is generated and 20% instruction is executed
  2. 80% instruction is executed and 20% instruction is generated
  3. 80%instruction is executed and 20% instruction is not executed
  4. 80% instruction is generated and 20% instructions are not generated

34. What is CAM stands for?

  1. content-addressable memory
  2. complex addressable memory
  3. computing addressable memory
  4. concurrently addressable memory

35. What is the clock frequency of 8087?

  1. 10 MHz
  2. 5 MHz
  3. 6 MHz
  4. 4 MHz

36. What is the main purpose of the memory management unit?

  1. address translation
  2. large storage
  3. reduce the size
  4. provides address space

37. What is the purpose of address bus?

  1. to provide data to and from the chip
  2. to select a specified chip
  3. to select a location within the memory chip
  4. to select a read/write cycle

38. What rate can define the timing in the UART?

  1. bit rate
  2. baud rate
  3. speed rate
  4. voltage rate

39. Which activity is concerned with identifying the task at the final embedded systems?

  1. high-level transformation
  2. compilation
  3. scheduling
  4. task-level concurrency management

40. Which allows the full duplex synchronous communication between the master and the slave?

  1. SPI
  2. serial port
  3. I2C
  4. parallel port

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