Embedded Systems MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Princeton architecture is also known as

  1. von Neumann architecture
  2. Harvard
  3. RISC
  4. CISC

22. The RS232 is also known as

  1. UART
  2. SPI
  3. Physical interface
  4. Electrical interface

23. The special tale in the multitasking operating system is also known as

  1. task control block
  2. task access block
  3. task address block
  4. task allocating block

24. What are the two major sections in a coprocessor?

  1. control unit and numeric control unit
  2. integer unit and control unit
  3. floating point unit and coprocessor unit
  4. coprocessor unit and numeric control unit

25. What can be done for the fine grain protection of the processor?

  1. add extra description bit
  2. add error signal
  3. add wait stage
  4. remains unchanged

26. What does ADS indicate in 8250 UART?

  1. address signal
  2. address terminal signal
  3. address strobe signal
  4. address generating signal

27. What does API stand for?

  1. address programming interface
  2. application programming interface
  3. accessing peripheral through interface
  4. address programming interface

28. What does SPI stand for?

  1. serial parallel interface
  2. serial peripheral interface
  3. sequential peripheral interface
  4. sequential port interface

29. What does the processor fetches from the EPROM if the board is powered?

  1. reset vector
  2. ready vector
  3. start vector
  4. acknowledge vector

30. What does UART stand for?

  1. universal asynchronous receiver transmitter
  2. unique asynchronous receiver transmitter
  3. universal address receiver transmitter
  4. unique address receiver transmitter

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